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Washer Pitching-How to Play

Washer Pitching 101: How To Play the Game of Washer Toss

washers for washer tossing gamesWashers, also called Washer Toss, Washer Pitching or Washoes, is an outdoor game similar in many ways to horseshoes. The object of the game is to earn points by tossing washers (usually 2" to 2.5" in diameter) toward a hole in a washer box inside the pit. There are two washer pits, each having one recessed cup 4" in diameter that are placed a specific distance apart. Players toss washers toward the pit to score points. For competition and "official" games, the specific distance from cup centers is 25 feet, although friendly or "backyard" games are often played at other distances. Scoring is similar to horseshoes in that the second team to throw can re-but any points that the first team may have scored, then add to their own total. Three points are awarded to a non-rebutted washer in the cup-called a ringer. One point is awarded to each non-rebutted washer inside the box. Games are normally played to 21 points.

Each player throws two washers toward the opposite cup. Subsequent throwing order is based on who scored last with the scorer throwing first. In games with a standard pit, players may stand anywhere inside the pit when throwing. In games without a framed pit area, players are allowed to stand no closer than one normal step in front of the cup. The starting player tosses two washers, one at a time, followed by the second player's throws. Only one player can score per round, with scoring determined by the washers closest to the cup. A washer landing inside the cup scores 5 points. A washer not inside the cup, but closest to the cup, scores 1 point. Washers landing completely outside the pit are don't score any points. Scoring is done after all contestants have thrown.

Should one player land a washer inside the cup and anotehr player also land a washer inside the cup, they cancel each other out and no points are awarded for the "cupper". In this situation, points would then be awarded on the other washers tossed, dependent on their distance from the cup. In games of 3 or more players, a second cupper cancels out the first as usual, but this then leaves the cup available for the other players to score a "cupper".

Generally, the game is played until one player or team scores 21 points. However, if a player or team scores 11 points and their opponent hasn't sored any points, the game is called a "skunk" and the player with 0 points is out of the competition. Likewise, if a team or player scores 17 points and the opposing team or palyer only scores 1 ponit the game is a "whitewash" and ends.
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