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World Washer Toss Championships


  • Teams of 2.
  • 3 Washers per team thrown consecutively.
  • Thrown from behind front edge of box.
  • Games go to 21 (First to 21, you do NOT have to win by 2, and you do NOT have to land exactly on 21).
  • Points cancel each round (only one team scores per round).
  • A round ends after all 6 washers have been thrown.
  • Washers outside the box do not count for any points.
  • In the box = 2 points.
  • In the pipe = 3 points.
  • "Pipe Rules" Means a pipe cancels opponents boxes.
  • A washer that remains on the ledge of the box after all 6 washers have been thrown shall be treated as if it is in the box and is worth 2 points.
  • Overhand throws ARE allowed.
  • Points are tallied after all 6 washers have been thrown and come to rest.

For more information, visit The World Washer Toss Championships website.
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